ChannelEyes & MSP Financial Processes

Dec 16

Jay McBainKarl speaks with Jay McBain, Chief Marketing Officer with ChannelEyes. ChannelEyes offers a mobile app platform for connecting Vendors and their partners.

Jay says their main goal right now is to make the best use out of their mobile platform. He says the platform facilitates communication with real-time feedback, enables the right tools, and motivates channel partners. He notes that HP, Cisco, Verizon, and other large international channel organizations use ChannelEyes.

Rayanne Buchianico


Rayanne Buchianico also joins the show in our Oddballs segment. Rayanne talks about the course she teaches over at Great Little Seminar – the Financial Processes That Make All the Difference course. The course is geared for MSPs and covers such topics as: separation of accounting and financial duties, entities and tax considerations, cash flow forecasting, and more over a five-week online teaching structure. Rayanne first taught this course in 2014 and is due to again teach the course in June.


In today’s episode you will also hear about the new Great Little Seminar 2015 course lineups & where MSPs can find terrific business freebies!


Odd Tuesdays


Be sure to join us in on our next episode Jan 6th where Karl will speak with David Sims who runs the website David will talk about the wealth of research and resources he has been building on to help MSPs interested in taping into the healthcare niche.


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Results & Building Vendor Relationships

Nov 04

Results Software

In today’s episode of Odd Tuesdays, Karl talks to Mike Honig, Senior Director of Business Development at Results Software.

Mike talks about Results’ expanded CRM system that includes project management and field service management components. He says the software is mobile enabled and includes time tracking. Mike notes that the time tracking is integrated into QuickBooks for tracking of both employee time and client billable time.


Amy Babinchak
Our Oddballs segment today features Amy Babinchak discussing the importance of MSPs building and developing vendor relationships.

And as always the latest in Tech news and events happening around the place is announced – as well as the fact that Odd Tuesdays is now officially syndicated to the iTunes store!


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Today’s episode also features a discount code for listeners to register to the brand new Great Little Seminar 5-week online course starting up on Dec. 1.  The course is instructed by both Manuel & Karl Palachuk, co-authors of the book The Network Migration Workbook.


Great Little Seminar


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Datto’s Continuity & an ASCII Scoop

Oct 21

DattoToday’s episode features a number of interviews Karl conducted at the recent GFI Conference in Orlando.

Karl first speaks with Datto’s Rob Rae, who briefly shares how much growth Datto has undergone of late. Rob says Datto is undergoing phenomenal growth and they were recently named on the Inc. 500 for the third consecutive year.

Rob discusses continuity as a viable solution for small business and how Datto’s solution is a good option for MSPs to add to their portfolio of services. Rob says it is important for MSPs to get away from selling backup to clients based on disasters. He says end users are beginning to understand the cost of downtime more and more, and selling based on the world of data ransoming and data hijacking is something an MSP should include in their services.

Karl and Rob also discuss the future of hybrid cloud solutions and data storage issues, particularly in relation to storage across country lines.


ASCIIKarl also speaks to ASCII’s Jerry Koutavas who notes that ASCII has just hit their 30th anniversary mark. Jerry and Karl talk in depth on how well ASCII forums are doing. Jerry says the forums have become an extraordinarily viable community due to the amount of sharing among MSPs on these forums. He says they regularly have around 2,500 messages a month between MSPs of varying sizes, from companies handling Homeland Security to one-man shops.

Jerry encourages listeners to check out their website to learn more.


Manuel Palachuk

And in today’s Oddballs segment, Manuel Palachuk dissects general vs. specific communication within our MSP business and between our Techs and customers. He offers tips on avoiding communication gaps.




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And listen through to the end for a special show coupon to access a discount to Karl’s down under tour!
The SMBRoadshow 2014 is heading to Australia and New Zealand in November!!

SMB Roadshow

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Jeff Ponts Highlights Datatel’s Integration Options

Oct 07

Datatel SolutionsIn today’s episode, Karl talks to Jeff Ponts, Co-Founder and COO of Datatel Solutions. Jeff wears several other hats as well, to include President of the Technology Channel Association (TCA) and Co-Chair to CompTIA’s Telecom Advisory Council.

Jeff talks about the big difference between software integration vs. systems integration. He highlights the numerous integration options that are available through Datatel and explains how the company has a strong mindset of supporting partners, not competing with them.

Jeff encourages listeners to reach out to him at Datatel’s website or via email.  

GFI MaxThis episiode also features a conversation Karl had at the recent Orlando GFI MAX Conference with GFI’s Caroline McClelland.

Caroline talks about the recent and upcoming GFI Max Conferences. She also notes that GFI has had some major company changes with some rebranding seeing the introduction of their LogicNow division and MAXfocus products.

For those wanting further detail on the changes, Karl wrote a blog article about the October 1 roll out that can be viewed here.

Bob Nitrio

In our Oddballs segment, Computer Wallah Bob Nitrio joins us once again to discuss how mobility is shaping and changing the way MSPs and their clients are doing business. He also offers ideas on how MSPs can participate in the mobile App business.


As always, we cover the latest in upcoming Tech events and Tech News in our episode!

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Video details here. Blog details here.Bob Nitrio

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Brain Bites

Sep 16

Chip Reaves

In today’s episode, Karl is joined by Chip Reaves, from Bigger Brains MSP.

Chip joined Karl and the Small Biz Thoughts crew in 2013 in our annual SMB Online conference in which he spoke about how an MSP can train or educate their clients in such a way that will help lead to future sales. We had a lot of positive feedback on that presentation.

Chip is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding and awareness for a series of courses Bigger Brains is currently developing. The Brain Bites mini-courses are basic productivity courses MSPs can resell to their clients that cover productivity skills in Time Management, Organizing Files, and Managing Email.

Chip explains that the intention is to use crowdfunding monies raised to purchase additional equipment and hire illustrators and graphic artists to complete and enhance the courses. Chip also shares some of the ins and outs he has discovered in trying to work with the crowdfunding platform


Rayanne Buchianico



One of resident Oddballs, Rayanne Buchianico, also joins the program in our Oddballs segment to share sales tax tips for MSPs.







We also cover the latest in upcoming Tech events and Tech News!

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SMB BooksFeel free to use the Odd Tuesdays show coupon for this or other book bundles on the
SMB Books storefront – Coupon code given in the episode!!


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The Office 365 Gold Rush Is On – and so is the SMB Nation Fall Conference

Sep 02

Harry Brelsford


Karl welcomes back SMB Nation‘s Harry Brelsford, whom helped us launch our very first episode of Odd Tuesdays 16 episodes ago in January!

Karl and Harry discuss the flurry of activity that has been going on over the last year with Windows XP and Server 03 migrations. Harry mentions his recent blog post about the Office 365 phenomenon, with Microsoft reporting incredible sales records.

Harry also mentions SMB Nation’s support of Microsoft Community Connections, educational events that are being used to help connect local business organizations with Microsoft Partners.

The pair also discuss the SMB Nation Fall Conference on in Redmond, WA later this month (September 26th-28th). Karl will be joining the conference as a speaker and will be holding his 10th SMB Preday Show September 25th!

Amy Babinchak

Resident Oddball Amy Babinchak also joins the show to talk about Microsoft’s Multipoint. She explains that some MPSs may not even be aware of the offering as it is marketed to the educational sector, however it has been accessible to others for several years. Amy talks about how to set it up and under what circumstances you would select MultiPoint over regular terminal server.


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ALSO! Karl’s latest 4-Book Series is out now! – Listen to the episode for your coupon code!!

Managed Service Operations Manual

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